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        nada's Coolest School Trip

        vé số miền trung hôm nay

        nada’s Coolest School Trip 9th edition is headed to Kootenay National Park in British Columbia in June 2020! Kootenay National Park is celebrating its 100th birthday in 2020! From June 8 to 12 the winning class will explore this special place. During this five day all expenses paid trip, the class will:

        • discover the Burgess Shale, one of the most important fossil sites on earth with half a billion-year-old fossils that are so well preserved you n see gills, antennas, and even their last meal during a guided hike to Stanley Glacier;
        • mp under the stars;
        • learn up close and personal how Parks nada manages forest fires, and learn from a fire expert about this vital part of forest health;
        • enjoy the Radium Hot Springs, a large hot pool and 25-metre swimming pool;
        • look for bighorn sheep on the walls of the Sinclair nyon; and
        • experience the Rocky Mountains like never before during nada’s Coolest School Trip to Kootenay National Park and region during its centennial year.

        The winning class will also meet the 2020 Parks nada Youth Ambassadors!

        Find out more here!


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        Dear Edutors, 

        We want to thank everyone who supported our students during the last two weeks! We had a great vote turn out this year and we are excited to share with you the top 15 videos that will go through to the judging round. 


        1.  Learning and Sharing our Stories

        2.  St. Anne's Eco Warriors

        3.  Eco Eagles Waste Contamination Contest

        4.  Recycle and Compost! Butler Elem. Qc

        5.  Preserving Rodeo Culture In Consort Alberta

        6.  CCST - 7C - CP @ YLL

        7.  Notre amour de la planète

        8.  Preserving Culture Through Potlatch

        9.  Our Mi'kmaq Culture

        10. Heritage Sites of Perth

        11.  Coudon, C’est quoi l’brayon

        12.  The rrier Crew Bus

        13.  La face chée des anges

        14.  ERP ESD Plan 2020

        15.  Eliminating Plastic Bags in Golden, BC


        Thank you to everyone who participated in the nada's Coolest School Trip contest!


         Air nada

        Proud contest partner